Allison Walker, LPC

Are the same arguments coming up time and again with no resolution? Has the trust and/or intimacy in your relationship disintegrated to the point where you don’t know whether the relationship is even salvageable?


Our relationships with others are a vital part of our world and effective communication is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships. In my work with couples, I emphasize the teaching of practical and effective strategies to improve the communication in your relationship. Missed connections can hurt so much and often lead to isolation and alienation within the relationship.

Couples Issues

Some of the specific issues with which improved communication skills can help include:


  • Restoring trust after an affair – “Can we survive this?”

  • Resolving parenting differences – “Why do I always have to be the ‘mean one’?”

  • Differences in spending habits – “You spent HOW much on WHAT?”

  • Problems with in-laws – “Does your mother really need to call so often?”

  • Empty Nest Syndrome – “Who are we now that the kids are gone?”


These issues do not need to continue to erode your relationship. Calling for help today really can mean all the difference.

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