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Anger Counseling

Anger Counseling

You wake up each morning and tell yourself that today is going to be different – you’re going to be patient. Be nice. But that only lasts for so long but then, there it is – something sets you off. You get through the whole day okay enough, but then maybe your boss or your kid’s baseball coach puts you over the edge. Or just a bunch of “somethings” set you off and you’re right back to feeling keyed up and agitated. It feels lousy and exhausting to feel this on edge. Maybe you even start to avoid going out in public just because you know that something or someone will set you off and you just don’t feel like dealing with it anymore. 

Others are walking on eggshells around you. You hear people telling you to “relax” or “take it easy,” and that just makes you more agitated. People close to you say, “You’ve changed,” or “You’re constantly miserable.” Your anger may even be affecting you at work. You used to be able to keep your temper in check for the most part, but it’s getting harder to do that and you worry that your boss might be noticing. 

Maybe you always had a bit of a temper but lately, it’s just getting harder to control it. It can feel hard to identify what, besides anger, you even are feeling. Maybe, when you’re really at a loss of words, you even find yourself physically lashing out – like punching a hole in a wall or throwing objects. Maybe your spouse has told you to get help or else they’re leaving. And maybe that’s the only reason that you’re reading this now. 

You want to get this anger thing under control before it does anymore harm to you and the loved ones around you. You’re sick of losing your cool, then feeling remorse and guilt, only to have the whole cycle repeat. 

Here’s How Integrity Psychological Services Helps Adults with Anger Management:

Anger is a normal emotion. It alerts us to the fact that our rights or the rights of another have been violated in some way. But most of us weren’t taught how to handle anger in a constructive way. Many of us either grew up in homes where anger was associated with physical or verbal violence, or we grew up in homes where anger was feared or never acknowledged. Sometimes, we have to unlearn what was modeled for us in childhood when it comes to what a healthy expression of anger looks and sounds like.

That’s where Integrity Psychological Services comes in. We’re a caring, friendly and non-judgy group of psychologists, counselors and therapists. We specialize in the use of research-backed treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology to help you to:


  • Catch and recognize your anger while it’s still a spark and not a blaze. 

  • Learn how to replace unhelpful, angry reactions with more helpful, assertive communications.

  • Work with your thoughts about the anger so that you have more choices about how to respond.

  • Learn how to identify underlying feelings, wants or needs more effectively.

  • Learn how to manage your physical reactions to anger more effectively.

Roughly 22 million Americans or almost 9% of the population struggle with the effects of impulsive anger. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help!

Call or email us today to set up an initial appointment with one of our therapists who specializes in the treatment of anger. We look forward to working with you. 

And for those of you who like to nerd out on research like we do, check out our Evidence for Evidence-Based Therapy page to see why CBT and other interventions that we use are considered to be the gold standards in treatment.

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