Diane Cochran, LPC


Due to the experience of stigma and discrimination that LGBTQ folks experience on a regular basis, research shows that individuals who identify as LGBTQ are at an increased risk for depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.


Many therapists are LGBTQ "friendly" and "affirming" but it can often be hard to know that before meeting the therapist which can be anxiety provoking.


I understand that discovering one’s sexual orientation or gender identity is a unique process for everyone. I also understand the effects of stigma and discrimination whether that is experienced with family members, co-workers, your specific culture or society in general. Whether you are struggling with issues that directly deal with your sexual or gender orientation or simply life changes, work/family stresses or anxiety and depression, I believe it is imperative that you are able to speak freely and feel supported.


My objective as a therapist is to provide a safe place where you can openly discuss your thoughts and feelings so we can work together toward achieving your goals.

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