Harry Binenkorb, LCSW

Anxiety and Depression

40 million adults in the United States are affected by an Anxiety Disorder. The intense fearful thoughts coupled with the physical symptoms of a panic attack can lead to a trip to your PCP or local Emergency Room. Utilizing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) I will help you to significantly reduce your fears and assist you in developing healthy coping skills to prevent anxiety from controlling your life.


Some of the Anxiety Disorders which I treat include: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, and Panic Attacks.


Depression often accompanies anxiety and is more widely recognized. Feeling as if things will never change is scary. If you feel like every day just flows into the next without much variation and you tend to see the world around you in a negative light, you may be in the throes of depression. There is a way out, and working together we can address the negative thinking overshadowing your life and start recognizing and help you to start enjoying life again!

Social Discomfort and Effective Communication Skills


Whether you are having discomfort in social situations in your personal life or at work, you and I will work toward developing effective communication skills through feedback, modeling interactions, and reducing fear. Managing strong or intense emotions and their expression to others is an area in which I specialize. Anger or struggling with how to say "no," are issues I can help you to resolve by focusing on your needs and how to get them met.

Men’s Issues – Adults and Teens

Men face increasingly more complicated challenges in navigating their roles today than ever before – the demands of work, of relationships and of fathering can become overwhelming. As men, we have often been socialized to believe that asking for “help” is a weakness rather than the strength that it actually is. Some of the issues that men come to counseling to work on include:


  • Anger (at work, in relationships, road rage)

  • Depression (in men, depression can show up as irritability, boredom or lack of motivation)

  • Work Adjustment Issues/Stress

  • Relationship Problems (including commitment issues, infidelity, communication skills)

  • Fathering


For teen boys, adolescence is a tumultuous time and the challenges of boys learning to become men are significant.

In my counseling work with adolescent males, some of the issues that I specialize in include:


  • Bullying/being bullied

  • Peer Pressure,

  • School Performance

  • Coping with change in family makeup (divorce, blended families)

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