Jennifer Murphy, LPC, ATR-BC

Individual Adolescent Therapy

Being an adolescent is a unique and vulnerable time when relationships and feelings of connectedness are important. Living in a constantly expanding world, means a delicate balance between healthy boundaries and attempts at self-discovery. Mastering social skills, self-image, identification with society/culture, and having opportunities to make meaningful contributions to their communities can be just a few life stressors that lead to stress and the unhealthy expression of emotions. It’s important for adolescents to have a voice in shaping their lives. They need opportunities to creatively express new interests, thoughts, and emotions. I deeply respect the individuality of each of my teen clients and provide a safe place for them to tap into their inner resources and strengths and to develop positive coping skills that will last a lifetime. 



  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 

  • Disordered Eating 

  • Behavioral Problems 

  • Gender Identity 

  • Divorce Adjustment 

  • Difficult Developmental Life Transitions/Stressors 

  • Academic Struggles 

  • Motivation 

  • Relationship Dynamics 


Couples and Relationship Therapy

Relationships are a lot of work, regardless of the stage of the relationship. Your partner and you can be a significant resource for one another when positive and emotionally supportive. In contrast, couples experiencing internal/external stressors affecting their relationship can cause significant distress. Therefore, how the couple interacts with each other is an important factor that can either buffer or worsen feelings of distress. In my work with couples, I promote healthy communication, seek to increase your understanding of the dynamics in your relationship and present the opportunity to take responsibility for feelings while being accountable for one’s role in the relationship. 

  • Separation/Divorce Counseling 

  • Premarital Counseling 

  • Transitioning through Life Stages 

  • Communication Skills Training  

  • Sexual/Romantic Issues 

  • Infidelity 

American Sign Language (ASL) 

I am fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). I am able to communicate in sessions without the use of an interpreter. I have worked extensively with the Deaf community. I feel this experience has provided me with a greater understanding of the issues facing individuals who are D/deaf, Hard-of-Hearing or individuals who are currently losing their hearing.  




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