Dianna Allen, MA ,LPC

Dianna Allen, MA ,LPC

Our days have gotten busier, noisier, and more challenging, and perhaps you have become burdened by stress or unhappiness about the current state of the globe, or the current state of your personal days. Our brains become inundated by too many choices in each day, so that by the time our own wellbeing is on the table, our energy or willpower is just zapped.

If you want to make some changes in your life, or you’re struggling to reach goals, having a mental health professional in your corner can give you the edge you need to get back on track.

Reaching out for help is the first – and often most challenging – step. Using strength-based, relational counseling skills, I will support you in developing and reaching adjustments and resolutions that work for you. Anxiety, depression, grief (regarding loved ones, relationships, or lost opportunities), and addictive behaviors are symptoms, but they are also ways our mind and body try to tell us we are overwhelmed. There are alternative ways to handle these struggles.

I am a licensed clinical therapist. In my practice, I appreciate the significance of holistic health and the role that nutrition, exercise, movement, and time in nature play in mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I believe mindfulness and boundary-setting can be life-giving skills and can supplement other solutions when you are feeling overwhelmed. Overall wellness will allow you to: more carefully select your challenges, learn to let go of energy ‘vampires’ (people, obligations, and habits), and build more of the life you want to live.

I look forward to working with you.