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 Counseling for Men’s Issues

 Counseling for Men’s Issues

You think that you should be able to figure this out on your own. And maybe you’re not even sure what “this” is – maybe you notice that you’re more irritable than usual or feel less motivated to get things done. Maybe that’s causing problems with a partner or at work. And just maybe – the only reason that you’re reading this – is because someone you care about told you to “get help,” (and maybe even emailed our link.)


The reasons that men seek out therapy are largely the same as women – depression, anxiety, relationship turmoil, divorce, or financial, work or parenting stressors.


The difference is that men typically have fewer social supports than women, are less likely to share more vulnerable emotions and are therefore more likely to “bottle up” emotions which can eventually lead to physical problems. 

You want to fix the problem already. And we can help with that. For example, if you’re wondering why, you’ve been so irritable and angry lately, you may be depressed. For many men, depression can show up as anger, restlessness, and irritability, which is typically different than how women appear when they are depressed. Let us help you figure out what’s really going on and give you some tools and strategies to work with in your daily life. 

Or maybe you’re experiencing signs of anxiety or even panic and wonder how the heck that all started.


You may have been trying to “white knuckle” through it but that’s getting harder to do. The reality is that clinical anxiety is not “just fear” or “weakness “and you can’t “just suck it up.” It’s a mental health condition that’s highly treatable. Gone untreated, it can grow progressively worse. 

Here’s how Integrity Psychological Services Helps Men:

Integrity Psychological Services specializes in the use of evidence-backed counseling solutions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is extremely well-researched and has been shown to be highly effective. This is an active and collaborative form of treatment that provides go-to tools and strategies for better managing your daily life and relationships. In short, we teach you how to be your own therapist. 

Almost 31% of men have struggled with at least one period of depression in their lifetime and the suicide* rate for men is four times higher than it is for women. But men are less likely to seek help than women. You don’t need to feel alone with the struggle – Integrity Psychological Services has a team of psychologists and therapists who are well-trained to identify and work with men’s mental health issues. 

Most of our clients report a significant relief of symptoms and improvement within just one to three sessions (but a complete course of treatment is generally between 8 to 16 sessions.) 

Call us today or send us an email so that our Client Services Coordinator (and expert at client-therapist matching,) can connect you with the right therapist for treating your depression. 

For those of you who like to nerd out on research like we do, check out our Evidence for Evidence-Based Therapy page to see why CBT is considered to be the “Gold Standard” treatment. 

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