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Anxiety & Depression Self-Assessments

Recognizing anxiety or depression isn’t always easy. These self-assessments can help to see whether you’re experiencing any signs or symptoms of depression. These self-tests can’t give you a diagnosis of depression or anxiety but they can help you to determine whether speaking with a qualified, licensed mental health professional for further evaluation of your mood would be helpful.


For each self-assessment question, think about your mood over the last two weeks. Assign yourself a 0 for each “Not at all” response, a 1 for each “Several days” response, a 2 for each “More than half the days” response and a 3 for each “Nearly every day” response.

Then, total your score and compare it to the ranges below:


4 or less: Your score is in a range not typically associated with anxiety or depression. If, however, you feel that there may be a problem in spite of your score, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free telephone consultation.


5 – 9: Your score is in a range that is typically associated with mild anxiety or depression. Both anxiety and depression are very treatable and getting help sooner rather than later can often prevent the problem from becoming worse. Integrity Psychological Services can assist you in improving your overall well-being.


10 – 14: Your score is in a range that is typically associated with moderate anxiety or depression. Persons scoring in this range often find it helpful to speak with a qualified professional to ease the symptoms that they are experiencing. Integrity Psychological Services can give you the tools you need to reduce or even eliminate many of the symptoms that you are experiencing.


15 – 19: Your score is in a range that is typically associated with moderately severe anxiety or depression. Ignoring symptoms or just hoping that they will go away on their own is not a good strategy. Effective treatment, which may include therapy or therapy coupled with medication, can help you to feel physically and mentally better. Integrity Psychological Services is available to provide you with a comprehensive assessment to help you determine next steps.

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If you are having immediate thoughts of suicide, please go to your nearest emergency room or call RESOLVE CRISIS line, a 24/7 hour line at 1-888-796-8226 

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