Click the arrow now to watch a brief introduction video to what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all about.

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Explained

Watch this video to learn the single most important thing you need to know about how to deal with anxious thoughts. You may be surprised to hear what it is!

The Secret of Dealing with Anxious Thoughts

This is the first of a 3-part video from Anxiety BC of real people who chose to do CBT Therapy. This first video talks about the struggles that brought them into therapy for anxiety treatment. Click the arrow to watch now.

Life Before CBT: Real Stories from Real People

The second in a series of actual CBT clients that focuses on the specific tools learned during a course of CBT treatment. Click the arrow to hear about the tools that CBT can offer you.

Real Stories About the Tools Learned in CBT

The last in the series from Anxiety BC that illustrates the relief that is possible from learning the tools of CBT. Click the arrow to watch and then contact us today to get started with your own CBT success story!. 

Life After CBT: Real Stories from Real People

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