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Dr. Jennifer Tari

Dr. Jennifer Tari

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP)

Often in life we can be our own “worst enemy,” when what we really need is to learn how to become our own best friend. Perhaps you’d like to increase your self- awareness, have healthier relationships, heal from trauma, process losses, make some tough decisions or reduce painful symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I’m an experienced, licensed clinical psychologist and have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years. In that time, I have helped people with problems from many angles and virtually every “walk of life,” including children, teens, couples, families, and adults of all ages, to live more fulfilling lives.

Psychotherapy provides a safe space to work through issues we struggle with, develop new skills, strengthen relationships, and grow. You deserve all these things and I’d be honored to work with you. I help you to accomplish your goals through a combination of an empathic, non-judgmental stance and the use of evidence-based therapy techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The time to take care of ourselves is right now. If it sounds as if we may be a fit, I welcome the opportunity for you to contact me.

Online Therapy Services:

Dr. Jennifer Tari offers online therapy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Contact Jennifer Tari

Dr. Jennifer Tari
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Integrity Psychological Services

4232 Northern Pike, Suite 201

Monroeville, PA 15146

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